Two Asian men lying side by side. How to deal with a breakup by Stephanie Ambrosius Mental Health

How to deal with a breakup by Stephanie

London Couples Clinic’s Stephanie Ambrosius contributed to an article on how to deal with a breakup and examines the pros and cons of seeking closure with an ex for The Stylist magazine. This extract particularly resonated with me:

“We see our lives in the past, present and future,” Ambrosius explains. “It’s sort of made up of puzzles; you put all the pieces together in a puzzle to create your past, to create your present or to create your future. So if everything feels like it’s going fine and then, at one moment, a part of the puzzle breaks, or goes missing, you lose sense of who you are in your story.”

“Then you start to doubt your past or the decisions you’ve made in your present, and you start to worry about the future.”

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