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What is counselling really like?

Have you ever wondered what counselling or therapy is really like? If yes, then the short book ‘Counselling for Toads’ by Robert de Board might be for you. It is based on The Wind in The Willows book and it is a thought-provoking account of Toad’s experience of individual counselling. By reading the book, you should get a clear idea of what counselling is really like.

Through the book, Toad learns how to analyse his own feelings and develop his emotional intelligence. He meets his ‘rebellious child’ and his ‘adult’ along the way, and by the end of the book, is setting out on a completely new adventure.

Best-selling author, Robert de Board says: ‘Toad’s experiences are based on my own experiences of counselling people over a period of twenty years. Counselling for Toads is really an amalgamation of the many counselling sessions I have held and contains a distillation of the truths I have learnt from practice.’