FAQ: Online Therapy

We use Zoom for online appointments

FAQ: How to choose a counsellor/therapist

Clients generally choose a counsellor/therapist by looking at:


On-going Appointment Availability: Please Contact Us to check current availability.

Specialism:  Christine Hanaie for example, is a trained psychosexual therapist and she provides  Psychosexual Therapy (PST) as well as a relationship therapy. 

Testimonials: reading through feedback from previous clients who have been seen at London Couples Clinic. 

FAQ: What will happen at the first appointment?

Your counsellor/therapist will go through the counselling and appointments agreement with you. She will use this appointment to gain an understanding of your presenting problems and what you hope to gain from counselling/therapy.

FAQ: How often will we meet? 

You will be seen at the same time and on the same day on a regular basis.

We usually recommend that you attend each week however, we understand that other constraints such as time or finances can make this difficult. We ask you to attend at least two times per month.

FAQ: How long is each appointment?

Each appointment is 50 minutes.

FAQ: Do you offer concession appointments?

We do not currently offer concession fees, however here is a link to a therapist, Julia Osborne who has some availability for reduced fees for those receiving income-related benefits or for students. She is based in London and provide therapy  for individual via video or phone.

FAQ: How many appointments will I need?

The number of appointments depends on your personal circumstances. Most clients have between 10 – 20 appointments and some continue for longer. This is something that you can discuss and agree in more detail with your counsellor/therapist.

FAQ: Do I have to commit to a specific number of appointments?

No, you don’t have to commit to a specific number of appointments however we do ask you to commit to attending regularly.

If you decide to end counselling at any stage, then please make this known in advance in order that an end date can be agreed and worked towards.

FAQ: Childcare

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate babies or children at appointments so we ask those individuals and couples with babies or children to make the necessary childcare arrangements. This includes online counselling/therapy appointments. This for insurance and health & safety reasons; additionally your counselling/therapy appointment is your exclusive time and space where you can talk freely.

FAQ: Is my information confidential?

Client information is confidential and is not shared with anyone. However, in circumstances where someone’s personal safety is deemed to be at risk, there is an ethical and legal requirement to share information with appropriate professionals.

FAQ: Please explain the different terms used e.g. couples counselling or relationship therapy

We use the following terms interchangeably:

  • Couples Counselling 
  • Relationship Therapy
  • Couples Therapy 
  • Marriage Help
  • Marriage Guidance

Counselling can be viewed as dealing with specific difficulties or current problems whilst Therapy can be viewed as dealing with deep-rooted difficulties. 

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