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Problems with Unqualified Therapists

You may have seen the headlines on BBC news over the last few days about problems with unqualified therapists exploiting vulnerable patients.

With a growing number of people struggling with mental health problems in the UK, many are looking for counselling or therapy services. But the largest membership body of therapists has raised concerns that unqualified practitioners offering treatments online are potentially exploiting vulnerable people. The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is calling for more awareness of the best way to seek help.

Here’s the link to the BBC news story about the problems with unqualified therapists:

Examples of problems

In one of the examples, the client, Jake said “The calls would be interrupted by background noise as the practitioner walked down the street, got taxi rides or even ate meals. He says the sessions were cut short at 20 minutes. He would be told this was his fault…”.

Jake also said “A 15-minute introductory session on the phone cost £200. Jake says he felt the practitioner was someone he could relate to and paid a further £1,200 for six 50-minute phone sessions”.

Professional, BACP-qualified counsellors and therapists go to great lengths to ensure there is minimal background noise. Also they would not cut an appointment short.

London Couples Clinic provides an  initial 15-minute call which is free. Furthermore, individual relationship therapy and individual PST costs £80 per appointment. Couples counselling  and Couples PST costs £100 per appointment.

All of our counsellors are members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). They also have many years’ experience in all types of relationship counselling and therapy.  Look for the BACP logo and check that you’re seeing a fully qualified BACP counsellor or therapist.

Contact London Couples Clinic if you would like to receive counselling or therapy from an experienced, BACP-qualified counsellor.