100% of London Couples Clinic clients who completed a feedback form rated:

  • Our appointment and booking process as excellent;
  • Found counselling to be beneficial;
  • Would recommend London Couples Clinic to someone else;
  • Would recommend their counsellor to someone else.

...Thank you so much for helping us through this tough period”… And giving us hope. We are both so grateful. Stephanie had been great. 

…”We had a positive experience with a positive ending”… Definitely something we would consider for the future and something we would recommend to others.

“Insightful and useful” … It’s been insightful and useful having an independent view. Good to talk to someone not connected to friends and family.

…”Enabled us to develop a deeper understanding”… Stephanie has helped us to explore the aspects of our relationship we had been neglecting for many years. The time we spent in counselling appointments has enabled us to develop a deeper understanding of how we are feeling about each other and about ourselves.  

…”Our dreams have become reality”…I found counselling terrifying to start with but coming to see Stephanie has been a life changing step for both of us. Our dreams have become reality.  

… “Our marriage is back on track”…Thank you for all the help. Thank you, Stephanie, for your awesome contribution in supporting us. After many long years of despair our marriage is now back on track! 

…”We are in a much better place than before and would highly recommend Stephanie as a therapist.”…Talking with Stephanie about the smaller and bigger niggles in our relationship over a number of months has helped us greatly in improving how we communicate more effectively. It was invaluable to have a neutral third party in the room. Stephanie’s calmness, empathy and non-judgemental approach meant we felt we were in a safe environment where we were able to talk freely. We are in a much better place than before and would highly recommend Stephanie as a therapist.

…”Thank you so much”…Faye: Thank you so much for the guidance, support and, more importantly, for helping us feel comfortable to talk to you and learn to talk to each other again.  

…”She truly listened”…Faye has been an outstanding professional throughout our course of counselling with us. She truly listened, understood our dilemmas and helped us look at our marriage from the other’s perspective. Slowly but surely, our communication began to change for the better. A big thank you!  

 …” She is wonderful”… Please relay to Faye that we think she is wonderful and are very grateful for her help. Having been in individual counselling, I know that it really makes a difference who you are working with and she is brilliant! People should know about the important and great work London Couples Clinic does. 

…”You have truly helped us start a new relationship and I’m loving it!”…I am writing to you to thank you for the countless hours you spent with us, helping us untangle those painful behaviours that had completely overwhelmed our lives. My marriage was a lonely place for well over twenty years and but now after the long wait my darling husband and I feel that we have a future together. You have truly helped us start a new relationship and I’m loving it! I am actually looking forward to my husband retiring later this year and instead of dreading it, I’m looking forward to spending more time with him.  

…”caring and effective approach”…We are so grateful to all at the London Couples Clinic to their caring and effective approach to helping our deeply troubled relationship. Wish we hadn’t waited so long to start counselling… 

…”Somehow we found time one evening per week and I’m glad I did”…I was apprehensive when my wife of 7 years suggested counselling and didn’t think I could find the time to fit in counselling on top of working and family life with 2 young children. Somehow we found time one evening per week and I’m glad I did.  

...”With your help we navigated through this maze”…Thank you so much for helping us. Although my husband and I have a secure relationship, complexities of our step families seemed overwhelming. With your help we navigated through this maze so thanks again.